JAZZ H. & Jagged Beatz


  • Jazz plays a range of music to suit any taste or demographic. From corporate functions to pubs, clubs and festivals!


    One of the best DJ’s I know, plain and simple!



    I first met Jazz DJ’ing at a corporate function @ the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth for Accor. He blew my mind with how good he was at reading the crowd and he has a killer look and sound. I later learned that he is one of the two part awesome DJing outfit Jagged Beatz. I’ve been a fan since then!


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    JAZZ H. (HOURIGAN) is one heck of a DJ, singer and musician!

    Jazz headed to Hollywood in July 2014 to represent Australia, singing @ The World Champs of Performing Arts where he ranked super high out of a huge pool of talent. That was when he was fresh and good at what he does, now he’s more experienced and is amazing and so multi talented he will blow your mind.

    Generally for DJ’ing he performs as a duo, but also does solo gigs and can mix up live playing with Dj’ing. He has great gear and has worked at many of the best rooms across the country over the years and knows how to do things right!


    Jazz plays a range of music to suit any taste or demographic. He can get as interactive as you like and knows how to work a room!

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    Jazz can do classics or mainstream and does so regularly, but if you want something more hip and modern check this out:

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