Beauty & the Beats

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    Too many song to mention. The girls can sing any style and the Dj’s have an unlimited bank of songs, usually they play more popular music that people know  and take direction from the client’s vision


    Amy and B&B were on fire and rocked the place on Friday can we have them back again ASAP!

    F&B manager The Arthouse Hotel

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    Beauty & the Beats

    All styles this is the top shelf live music and singing meets the hippest DJ’s Sydney has to offer!  B&B do all the best events and venues both locally in Sydney and internationally. This ensemble can be a duo (DJ and singer or sax) or all the way up to a 13 piece band with live horns, singers drums and DJ. The talent is hand picked and usually comprises of  singers whose voices and faces you’ll recognise for your TV mixed with world renowned DJ’s and musicians.

    If you want the A team of fresh young talent that is truly the cream of the best than you need not look any further that this ensemble.

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