Jim Zappia



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    • Italian classics



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    Music to dance is what it’s all about!
    That is the basic philosophy that drives these fantastic bands.
    And the music that makes you want to dance is the music that arouses your spirits, imagination and sense of nostalgia.

    repertoire is totally adaptable to any festive situation. It covers an impressive range to make your special function a most memorable night. Drawing from the fine musical traditions of Europe and Latin America as well as Swing and Contemporary Pop, their wide-ranging repertoire takes in the finesse of Ballroom to crazy Latin rhythms and good ol’ Rock ‘n’ Roll!

    Let your mood be lifted by the music of Motivo! Listen and move to the music that is in your heart, exquisitely and masterfully performed by these accomplished musicians.

    Solo Guitar/Vocals 

    • Acoustic – Guitar + vocals
    • One-man-band with backing tracks

    Duo/Trio Combos 

    • guitar/flute/accordion/keyboard/bass/drums

    Specially suited to shopping centres, open-air events, birthday parties, private and corporate functions, intimate settings, wedding ceremonies


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