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Sydney Party Entertainment is doing it!
Posted by admin on July 24, 2013

Sydney Party Entertainment was founded out of necessity as myself (Gary Johns) and my band Sydney Funk Collective were finding ourselves pretty busy and often booked out into the following year, especially on busy function and wedding nights such as Saturdays. So with venues and clients contacting me to try to book us they often asked if I could recommend and/or book someone I work with or regard highly to help them out. You get the picture. It became a thing that now has us exclusively looking after entertainment for some of the biggest venue chains around, such as the various Rydges Hotels, and loads of private clients seeking quality at affordable rates.

I actually really like this work which was a surprise to me, but I get to book some of the best acts around for some of the most prestigious venues and functions in Australia! It is a thrill and I take pride in being able to pull it off continuously and I like the challenge of getting the call or email from the venue saying they loved it. To date I’ve never had a bad report come in. I am honest with the client about who I can get and what they should expect and let them make the call, but I always offer my recommendation.

I think what sets me apart from other agents is that I’m a musician/entertainer first and I worked hard at getting my craft right so I only list people I know have done like wise and more importantly I’m on the ground in the venues playing and meeting all the people I deal with. Most agents don’t perform and usually don’t even get out to see the venues or the acts in action. They might make a day time meeting and have a hypothetical view at best. So if you want to get it right the first time and are serious about entertainment let me know, I believe we can sort it out for you.

As a tip, get in early if you want someone great, otherwise the odds are against you, but we will still go hard to get the best act available for what you want!

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