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    “The food, oh my god the food”, that’s all my guests kept saying. I think the catering company will be booked solid now, I’ve given out your details to loads of the guests now. I think  you’ll owe me commission!

    Even Allan’s grandparents said it was very traditional and they know their food…

    Thanks again


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    We have been doing parties and functions such as weddings, 50th birthdays for decades now and have eaten some of the best and also some of the more average and sometimes poor food from every cultural background all over this big land. When ever I find someone doing a fine job, I get their business card and I have to say we see the good catering companies time and again. We decided a few years back to get a core group that we can use so that our clients get the best service in all things party oriented! Well all the things that we have come to know as the key ingredients to a good party and food and drink are right up the top of the list as all the guests will talk and praise a great meal and equally good service.


    We offer catering for various or general cuisine but also have catering specialists for Lebanese, Greek, Aussie, Italian, Asian and much more.

    We have caters that do boats on the harbour, houses or function venues you name it!

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